For your certification through the Florida Water Star (SM) Program for the conservation of the valuable, limited resource of water, Sustainable Design and Consulting is available to be a consultant as a Florida Water Star (SM)Accredited Professional. 

Water Star (SM)  certification encourages water efficiency through the irrigation systems, as well as water quality benefits from best management practices in landscapes, helping to save the homeowner/business owner up to 20% of annual water use.

Florida Water Star (SM)  Certification provides assurance that a house or building meets the criteria for a higher standard of water efficiency.


Using the principles of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) Sustainable Design and Consulting can evaluate one's yard and house to suggest design changes to create a safer environment to deter possible criminal activities.

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Construction Cost Estimates
Post Construction Evaluation
ARC/HOA Consultation Services
Florida-Friendly Landscaping Guidelines
Site Evaluations Pertaining to Florida Friendly
Expert Testimony on Florida Friendly
Landscape Maintenance Contract Specifications
Landscape Ordinances, Covenants, and Restrictions for New and Existing HOA's
Amendments to the Covenants and Restrictions covering Florida Friendly
ARC Guidelines for Florida Friendly
ARC Florida Friendly Plant Palette Development
Contracts Written for HOA’s Florida Friendly Guidelines

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Bridging the gap between the outside and inside Sustainable Design and Consulting comprehends the interaction of the interior and exterior of a house as well as understands the principles of building science and dynamics of air flow, heating, air conditioning, lighting, insulation, ducts, ventilation, windows, building materials and more.

By performing a Sustainable Inspection, thorough evaluation and  testing of all the components of a home are performed. Sustainable Design and Consulting can then accurately diagnose the root cause of any problems, making recommendations for the most cost and energy efficient solutions and instructing homeowners on beneficial aspects for money savings and environmental considerations.

Sustainable Inspection  includes:

  • Energy Reduction

  • Energy Conservation

  • Household Chemical Awareness

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Indoor Air Purification

  • Water Conservation

  • Waste Reduction

  • Recycling

  • Compost Consulting

  • Renewable Energy Systems